Office & Dragons

lets you document transactions in a simple, fast and structured way.

Transform your documents from a mess of static text into dynamic representations of structured data. Efficiently deliver high-quality work on tight deadlines. Unlock the power of structured legal data for your firm or business.


See How It Works

Create or edit documents for any transaction quickly and without mistakes while staying in control with O&D’s intuitively simple automation.

officeanddragons redlines edit documents

Choose a set of documents you want to edit or precedents you want to spin out.


Why Office & Dragons


Increase revenue by redeploying resources to more productive,
higher-value work.



Cultivate a reputation for
efficiency, speed and accuracy with your clients.

Increase employee retention by eliminating tedious work.


"The simple nature of using the software provides organisation, allowing me to be more efficient and produce high standards of work."

"Going hours to minute and ready to file court."

"Office & Dragons turns duping out documents from a task that takes over a day to one that takes less than two hours!"




Office & Dragons' Outstanding Features



Automates legal document editing and delivery workflows at scale. Finish work faster than you could even open the files by hand.


Leverages familiar workflow and usage metaphors. No learning curve. No training required.

Reliable & Verifiable

Preview changes to documents before they are made.Update editing instructions real-time. Keeps a record of all changes made.


Seamlessly fits into existing legal workflows, integrating with Microsoft Office
and iManage DMS out-of-the-box.


Keep documents and data secure on your own systems. Works with local files
and iManage DMS.


Works with any document,
not just templates.
No preprocessing required before use.

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