Eliminate repetitive document work without setup, templates or code

The benefits of document automation, without the time and costs.

A plug-and-play platform that just works when you need it

From zero to done. On day one.
Save time
Finish work faster than you could even open the files by hand. Do more than automate your document work. Eliminate it.
Increase profits
Turn fixed fees from necessary evils into opportunities. Give your clients the fee certainty they want, and give yourself the time to focus on the value-add that really wins you business.
Avoid errors
Eliminate the risk of pouring over documents and finding one mistake on the last page, only to start again. Fewer late nights for you and your team.
Beat deadlines
No up-front setup. No expert skills. No ongoing maintenance. You don’t have time for it, and we don’t require it. Sign up, sign in, and get your work done immediately.
Work-life balance
Eliminate sh*t work. You and your team deserve better than the mindless churn that causes burn-out. Reclaim that time and do more important things: both inside, and out of your business.
We are ISO 27001 accredited, following an auditing procedure that ensures that we manage data and networks securely.

Cut through the noise

We've harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to automatically extract frequently changing data points from your documents. Populate these data points into your turnsheet in one click to finish your work even faster.

Save time
Visualize placeholders
Simplify process

Gain more insight

With turnsheets, it’s simple to capture and review transactional data from your clients without any extra effort. Reviewing entire document suites in one place leaves you more time to focus on considering more pertinent client issues.

Avoid errors
Improve collaboration
Streamline communication

Customer stories


Our customer was instructed on a major asset finance deal with a tight deadline and a fixed fee. One of their paralegals, Chris, had been selected to pilot O&D. He was able to get 200 documents done in only 7 hours, while another 3 paralegals not using O&D took 25 hours to do only 150 documents in total – and this was Chris’s very first time using O&D.

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Private Equity

Our customer, an Am Law top 5 firm, was instructed on an investment round with a tight deadline, requiring a large number of investor packs to be produced. The lean team feared being flat out with tedious document production for a full 2 weeks, but their first time using O&D, one person finished everything in a day. On closing day, the client requested a change to every investor document. This impossible task was done in minutes.

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Real Estate

Our customer was instructed on a real estate financing requiring them to produce mortgage documents for 350 properties across various states and counties. Two associates were facing the arduous task of spinning these out over the weekend. Luckily, they were introduced to Office & Dragons on Friday and won their weekend back. The following week, they noticed an error they had made which put the closing at risk. With O&D, that was dealt with in less than an hour, and they closed on time.

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Early adopters love us, see what you are missing

“Office & Dragons turns duping out documents from a task that takes over a day to one that takes less than two hours!"


“As the information was correct in the initial table ... [it] was also correct in the documents ... which greatly sped up the process ... Ongoing use of the tool on [finance] deals ... would be extremely useful and efficient for everyone within the team"


“I have to say, [Office & Dragons] was the highlight of my day when I had to duplicate docs, as it gave me this little impression that I could have fun in some less fun work."


“... Office & Dragons was used to assist in the production of over 300 documents. Without the use of Office & Dragons, the team involved would not have met the deadline ... more users are requesting access ...”

Legal Technologist

“I was lucky to take part in a presentation of Office & Dragons' software and experiment with it. It was just a revelation! The software is not only easy to use but is also user-friendly! It proved itself very handy when I and a group of colleagues got to deliver over 300 documents in what we can call a very short deadline! Without the use of Office & Dragons, the team would certainly not have met the deadline."


“This morning we realized that there we had made an error in all 350 of our mortgages. Using Office & Dragons, we were able to fix it in all 350 in less than an hour. We’re giving a presentation to our entire practice group next Wednesday on this. Thank you again!"


“The software did save my life a few times! Not long after I started as a first year I got this last minute weekend assignment to revise 45+ mortgage deeds for a deal that died in 2019 and suddenly decided to revive & close in 3 days. The revisions were not just party names/dates, there were some substantive tweaks and the worst part was the docs weren't all structured the same way. But thanks to O&D I ended up only taking ~10 hours to finish the whole project and got my Sunday back! The mid-level was very impressed too lol."


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